AIM Farmlands, agricultural investment in Turkey

Why should you invest in Agricultural Industry in Turkey?

AIM is a professional agricultural company located in turkey that is established with one goal in mind, providing investors with the chance to purchase incredible agricultural farms that utilize modern farming techniques with a full transparency relationship ideology. This is achieved by working with experienced agricultural engineers, developing fully privatized projects, and the support of our dedicated relations team.

We provide investors with the opportunity to purchase farmlands in turkey that are fully privately owned by them. Not only will the title deed of the land be under their name, but also all the required water connections, electricity, and entire infrastructure of the project; giving them the full authority over every detail of their investment.

Typically we like to develop walnut and banana greenhouse projects, and we advise our esteemed investors to do so for two main reasons. The first is the result of the huge demand these products are undergoing, and the second is due to the indexed selling price. Currently, Turkey is one of the largest producers of walnuts in the world; even so, it is still considered a net importer of the product. This is due to the massive demand that is seen for both walnuts and bananas in the past couple of years, as it integrates more into people’s diet, culture and cuisine. This reliance on foreign imports results in the market selling price indexing to the USD, meaning they are not traded in the Turkish lira. This makes it easier and safer to predict the market price in the future as it is unaffected by Turkish lira fluctuations.

In our farming, we utilize modern farming techniques and technologies to achieve the highest yield, productivity, and quality of products. For our walnut farmlands in turkey, our experienced agricultural engineers follow farming procedures set out according to modern farming studies, such as the one researched by the University of California. The sapling trees used are also premium, blue-certified chandler walnut trees that utilize paradox rootstock. Our greenhouse projects are state of the art and fully automated as well, with modern technologies that allow the project to be fully automated with minimum human interference; resulting in a more efficient and consistent farming operation.


Our experienced team carefully selects suitable project lands available on the market. When searching for plain lands, we create a long list that is gradually shortened until we reach our required specifications and standard. We also make all the required testing of soil and water sourcing that ensures that the lands are perfectly suited to the required planted product. Lands in turkey see a high-value appreciation in land price every year, especially in Antalya where we construct our greenhouse projects. Walnut farmlands that are developed using modern techniques are sought after in the market, with massive value appreciation over traditional farmlands. This value appreciation in land prices is also the result of the increased demand and interest of investors in agricultural investment opportunities available in the country.

Finally, we operate with a full transparency policy with our investors; with all the mentioned and provided numbers being based on real-world information and our previous experience. All the values for sale price, returns, productivity, etc. Are based on real-world data, which allows us to make accurate estimates and feasibilities for our project’s income. Our catalogs and studies also include the full cost of the project without a single detail missing; this way our investors can be assured that the mentioned pricing, fees, and taxes figures are all included within our calculations, with no unexpected additional payments required in the future. The dedicated team at aim is available at all times to provide our investors with any information or updates that they require about their farmlands; such as detailed reports, photos, and videos that highlight the status of their project.

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