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Why is water drilling important?

As we all know, water is the most crucial element for the survival of Walnut farmlands in Turkey and agricultural farmlands. It does not matter if the trees are given medicine, fertilizer, sunlight, and tended to carefully. If the water intake is low, the productivity and health of the trees will suffer. Therefore, AIM Farmlands ensure that every one of its projects has a fully operational water drilling source, that is for private use only to the investor. Having a water source directly on your land also gives the investor more freedom and authority on what happens on his own land, so as to not rely on a neighboring plot’s goodwill.

When choosing land to offer to our investors, one of the most crucial points to consider is the availability of underground water that we can drill for. Therefore, we are sending geologists to the lands to conduct studies, which determine the availability of water and how deep we need to drill for it. Once the investor purchases land, we will be submitting a request to the government to start the drilling process.

Having a water drill on your land will also grant you full freedom to do with your land as you choose. Relying on another plot’s water source is a dangerous bet, as goodwill or a change of ownership of the land can cause issues getting a cheap supply of water regularly. In case the source is lost, you will be forced to purchase the required water in tankers, which will increase the operations costs significantly and lower your profit margins. Lands that rely on other plots for survival are typically more difficult to sell in the future while getting a lower price if you wish to cash out your farmlands in Turkey investment.

Therefore, in conclusion, we strongly recommend our investors to make the water drilling required on the project to ensure their source of natural water in the future, as well as give them more control over their project and land. Aim farmlands also make sure that a water pool for storage is kept on every project, this is to improve the efficiency of delivering water, and provide the trees directly with any medicines or nutrients required to increase their productivity, and to keep them safe. On a final note, relying on rainwater alone will keep the trees alive, but targeted productivity numbers will not be reached otherwise.

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