100% ownership with inheritable
title deeds.

Legally possible to sell anytime with value appreciation.

Entire infrastructure belongs to the investors. No sharing system.

Citizenship application is allowed with 250.000 USD investment.

According to the Land Protection Law of Turkish Republic, non – Turkish individuals can buy minimum 10.000 sqm planted farmland with full ownership under their names.

According to the mentioned law, plain lands, plots smaller than 10.000 sqm, and lands with shared title deeds cannot be registered under non – Turkish nationals. 

In this respect below steps must be followed to be able to apply for the title deed;

  1. Purchasing the farmland
    • AIM purchases the selected agricultural land under its name.
  2. Preparing the land
    • Land levelling, electricity and water infrastructure, and land cleaning must be done on the agricultural land.
  3. Plantation
    • Planting certified trees to the farmland.
  4. Upgrading the title deed status of the farmland
    • Upgrading the status from plain land to planted farmland. 
  5. Transferring the ownership
    • Title deed transfer can be done only after completion of the steps above.

  Legal team of AIM Farmlands makes all required applications and upgrades title deed status of project farmland. After obtaining upgraded title deed status, ownership can be transferred to foreign individuals within four weeks.