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Step 1 - Agricultural Project Development

Farmland Selection

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Selecting accurate farmland is one of the most important steps for project creation. Furthermore for selecting the correct land, soil quality, water quality/quantity, and legal clearance must be checked comprehensively.

Due to positive feedback from experienced agricultural engineers, supported by soil and water analysis from the labs, and positive feedback on legal checks, AIM farmlands selects the most suitable agricultural land for its investors.

Farmland Preparation

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Several improvements must be done to the agricultural land to be able to plant and operate healthy open farmland projects. 

Cleaning the farmland from wild bushes and trees, reducing the slope and shaping the land with heavy machinery, water and electricity infrastructures and connections, water storage/pool, filter, liquid fertilizer tank, labor house, and furniture installations, also soil enrichment by initial organic fertilizing are crucial required land preparation items.

Seedling Plantation

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Following the completion of farmland selection and farmland preparation, depending on the location and investor’s request, different types of certified olive, almond, walnut, lemon, mandarin, orange, and apple trees can be planted at the specific plantation months of each product.

Optimum plantation measurements to create the healthy and highest productivity change depends on the planted trees it needs to be specified depending on the scientific research. 

Step 2 - Transferring the Ownership

Individual Purchase

According to the Land Protection Law of the Turkish Republic, foreign individuals can purchase a minimum of 10.000 sqm planted farmland area.

After the completion of the development and plantation of certified trees, the legal team of AIM farmland makes all required applications and upgrades title deed status from”plain field” to “planted farmland”. 

After obtaining upgraded title deed status, ownership of the agricultural project can be transferred to foreign individuals within four weeks.

Company Purchase

Companies established in the Turkish Republic can purchase farmlands or projects freely.

Following to initial down payment or cash payment, full ownership of the project farmland can be transferred immediately under the name of ltd—the company was established in Turkey.

The legal team of AIM farmland may assist investors in establishing Turkish ltd. company free of charge. Therefore only related government fees, paper work, mandatory accounting costs, and company address costs will be applicable.

Step 3 - Agricultural Project Management


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Projects are managed successfully by dedicated team members in a professional manner.

Every project has private full-time labor for executing watering and fertilizing schedules as well as security. Agricultural engineers direct each labor and visit the projects a couple of times a month, In order to maintain an optimum growing environment (O.G.E.), for better quality and quantity production.

Watering schedules and maintaining the health of the trees are crucial to ensure healthy growth and quality product. 

Entire project operations are supervised carefully by project-specific management teams.


Aim Farmlands

Each type of planted tree as olive, almond, walnut, lemon, mandarin, orange, and apple has different first harvest times, productivity, and sale prices. 

There is no such thing as the most profitable agricultural product. There are only predictable and unpredictable products. For example Almond, Walnut products are indexed to the USD currency and the productivity of each age is almost clear. But the other products such as olive, apple, lemon, orange, and mandarin are indexed to Turkish Lira and productivity can not be forecasted, some years it generates very high, some years very low. However, since the oldest times, all these products are being cultivated by farmers.

Operation Costs

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To cultivate healthy open farmland projects there are multiple annual  cost items;

Proper liquid and hard organic fertilizers, medicine, daily workers, water and electricity consumption costs, full-time labor’s salary, and maintenance costs.

Every project AIM farmland develops is fully private and full ownership belongs to the investor. 

Also, the service fee of the AIM Farmland for management of the Project is 20% of the net harvest income.

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