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Walnut Garden
in Manisa

$ 8 per Sqm
  • min. 10.000 sqm
  • Harvest 4 years after planting

Arbequina Olive Garden in Manisa

$ 8 per Sqm
  • min. 10.000 sqm
  • Harvest 3 years after planting

Banana Greenhouse in Antalya

$ 57 per Sqm
  • min. 3.000 sqm
  • Harvest 1 year after planting

Due Diligence Report

$ 2,000
  • per project
  • Detailed agricultural and legal investigation service


Each type of planted tree as olive, almond, walnut, lemon, mandarin, orange, and apple has different first harvest times, productivity, and sale prices. 

There is no such thing as the most profitable agricultural product. There are only predictable and unpredictable products. For example Almond, Walnut products are indexed to the USD currency and the productivity of each age is almost clear. But the other products such as olive, apple, lemon, orange, and mandarin are indexed to Turkish Lira and productivity can not be forecasted, some years it generates very high, some years very low. However, since the oldest times, all these products are being cultivated by farmers and generated income.

Walnut farmland for sale

What makes an agricultural project Profitable Lucrative Gainful Awesome ?

There are multiple evaluation items to understand the agricultural investment project’s profitability;

  • Farmland Value
  • Productivity of the trees
  • The sale price of the products
  • Initial project development costs
  • Annual operation costs
  • Risk items

Full Ownerhip of the land

Private Projects

Cheapest Price

Insurance by Government

High Value Appreciation

Full Transparency

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