Agricultural Investment Management- AIM is a solution partner of the investors who wish to have reliable and safe income generation for a life time, high value appreciation on the farmland, prime location, earn income from fruit production.

In the light of the years of experience on the both farm investment and agricultural business, AIM created the perfect investment model.

AIM is created with one solid Mission;

Sharing its know-how to investors to select the correct land and plant, with accurate agricultural management. Professional assistance of AIM, allows Investors to freely diversificate their capital and have the opportunity to invest in agricultural business and farm management companies.


Contributing to the country’s ecconomy by creating employment and agricultural production.

Protecting the nature by converting unused farmlands to modern scientific agricultural projects.

Creating Optimum Growing Environment (O.G.E.) for the plants to produce high quality , quantity and healthy foods in the smaller areas for growing nutritional needs of humanity.

Giving investment opportunity to the investors, who suffered by putting their investment into the real estate portfolios to have lower returns with currency fluctuations due to the problems in the capitalized and centralized world conditions.

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