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Walnut farmland in Turkey

How Walnuts are grown? – Best way to Walnut Farming and Harvesting

Today Walnut farmlands in Turkey have been constantly increasing in numbers as more people and cultures start to utilize this nut in their cuisine. Turkey along with China, Ukraine, and Iran are some of the largest Walnut producers in the world. The benefits of Walnut consumption include preventing cancer, controlling diabetes, improving brain health, and boosting the immune system.

Walnuts require a specific climate for them to grow properly. Typically Walnuts grow well in cooler climate environments, hotter climates especially over 38 degrees Celsius will result in burning the hulls and kernels of the nut, ruining the product and impacting productivity. In order of achieving maximum productivity with Walnuts, there are some modern farming techniques that must be applied to improve the yield. Studies suggest that for the optimum productivity of the Walnut trees, branches must not exceed 2 meters in diameter; this will give the largest yield in relation to the area used. Modern farms give their trees a 7×4 diameter that accounts for the two meters required for branches on each side, along with a 3-meter buffer space for equipment and harvesting services to operate.

In order to create productive and high-yielding Walnut trees, they must be carefully controlled in their first years of plantation. Modern farming techniques recommend pruning the trees every year, this is done in order to dedicate the resources in the soil to improve the base and roots of the tree. After 4 years harvesting can begin as the core of the tree is large enough to produce bigger amounts of products. Typically a farmer would take a 2-year-old Walnut sapling and attach it to a mother tree, then it will be planted in the soil for 4 years and pruned until it is time for the first harvest. Modern Walnut farmlands in Turkey have been utilizing these techniques to improve their yields.

The Chandler Walnut Tree is one the most popular, commercially traded Walnut varieties in the world. Originally developed by researchers at the University of California, the Chandler Walnut tree is known for giving high-yield, medium-sized, excellent quality Walnuts. For these reasons, farmers and investors alike prefer cultivating the Chandler variety, as demand is ever-increasing in a market that is constantly in short supply.

In conclusion, Walnuts have witnessed a great increase in demand in recent history due to their benefits and unique taste. Many cultures are embracing this nut in their cuisine and therefore it’s been always in short supply. Today, many investors and farmers alike are starting to take advantage of agricultural investment opportunities due to this demand; by cultivating excellent high-quality Chandler Walnut products on agriculture farms using modern farming techniques.

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