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Golden Chandler Walnut Variety Advantages

Golden Chandler Walnut Variety Advantages

As the world demand for walnuts has increased over the years, so did the varieties that are developed to improve the quality and productivity of the trees that produce them. These varieties include names such as Wilson, Kashmir Budded, Eureka, Franquetfe, and Lake English. In our farmlands, we develop the most modern and productive type which is known as the Golden Chandler Walnut. We will explain in this article why we view this variety as the ideal type for investment in Turkey.

The Chandler Walnut type is known around the world as one of the most productive varieties of the family. Developed in the United States at the University of California, this tree grows up to 7 or 8 meters tall and starts its first harvest after 4 years from the plantation. The type is also known to be suitable for farming in Turkey’s climate and can be planted nearly anywhere in the country.

Our agricultural engineers also plant the trees at a specific 4 x 7 spacing that is the recommended and ideal spacing for the highest productivity. All of the trees we buy for our projects are blue certified by the Turkish government, they are also utilizing a modern farming technique known as paradox rootstock. This technique allows for the combining of the mother tree and chandler tree in an effective manner that is compatible with the research done by the University of California. The utilization of this type of trees and methods ensures that the projects that we are creating are of the highest quality and productivity, which is also reflected in the sales price of the harvest in the market. 

The Chandler Walnut is a large nut that is characterized by its light-colored kernels and its incredible flavor. In our company, AIM Farmlands we buy our Chandler Walnut samplings at the age of two years old, we then plant them for four years while maintaining them by giving them scheduled fertilizer and water irrigation, the trees also must be pruned during this time by our skilled works. This pruning process will ensure the energy contracted by the soil remains at the base of the tree and allow them to develop correctly.

In conclusion, when developing modern Walnut farmlands in Turkey, the type of tree planted must be carefully selected to ensure the productivity and quality of the tree are high. This is why we see the Golden chandler Variety as the most compatible for planting in farmlands in turkey, ensuring that we give the agriculture farm the best chance to be as successful as possible for our investor and company.

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