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Banana Greenhouses in Antalya

Banana Greenhouses in Antalya

Banana greenhouse building in Turkey is a new investment trend that has exponentially increased in size over the past couple of years. This is mainly due to the huge demand that the product is now witnessing in the Turkish market. Therefore many foreign investors are rushing to make their land purchases of farmlands in Turkey as the prices are increasing. Turkey is importing a large number of its Bananas from countries close to the equator, therefore the product is indexed to the USD and this is the reason why investors are finding the opportunity of owning agricultural farmlands exciting.

The first step in building a banana greenhouse project is making the initial purchase of plain land. Lands that support a greenhouse environment are not available anywhere in Turkey, except for Antalya; even still, not all of Antalya is suitable for the project, only specific areas along the mountainous sequence of lines allow for a greenhouse environment. This means that the lands are limited, therefore the prices are constantly rising in an unprecedented fashion, in our company AIM farmlands we have witnessed lands appreciating in value by 30% every year.

Once the land purchase is complete, our team will start working on preparing the land for the greenhouse construction. This will include items such as laser land levelling, building water storage, making electrical connections, and more. These steps are crucial to be done correctly in order to have a successful project.

Next, our team will start focusing on building the greenhouses themselves. The greenhouses that we develop are fully automated and utilize state-of-the-art modern technologies. This decreases human error and increases the efficiency of the operation. The greenhouses also utilize important materials such as galvanized steel and doubled layered plastic sheets to insure that the construction will withstand heavy weather conditions and is serviceable for many years to come.

Finally, once the greenhouse construction is complete, we will start the final stage of the project, which is the plantation of the Banana trees themselves. This stage must be handled with care and our company, AIM Farmlands (a farm management company) with its fully trained and experienced employees will insure that the plantation is completed within the optimal season of the product.

In conclusion, when developing a greenhouse project such as a Banana it is important that each stage of the project such as land purchase, land preparation, and greenhouse construction is done correctly and up to high-quality standards. For our investors who are looking for agricultural investment opportunities, we provide our management services and experience in developing these projects so they can be turnkey for the investor. For more information please visit the “contact us” page of our website, and check out our video showcasing the construction of one of our projects:- 

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