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Arbequina Olive Trees

Olives and Olive oil are a commodity that is widely used and loved around the word, this is why at AIM Farmlands (a farm management company) we have decided to enter these agricultural farms sector in the most beneficial matter to our investor and company. Although the local Turkish market is saturated due to many farmlands in Turkey. AIM farmlands is creating innovative new projects that rely on modern engineering and science to increase productivity and returns. This is why we have chosen Arbequina Olives as the choice of tree for our projects.

Coming from Spain, the Arbequina Olive tree is known as a highly dense tree that can be planted in large amount over a small area of land. Typically, an Olive tree takes many years to reach maturity and start giving feasible amounts of harvest. This factor restricts new investors from getting into the Olive market as the barrier for entry is high and returns are low in the medium term. Arbequina trees however are small in size and reach maturity much earlier than a typical Olive tree. The size allows the tree to be planted in smaller dimension and more closely together, increasing production per meter and decreasing the risk of productivity from a single tree dying.

Also, unlike a typical Olive tree, Arbequina Olives are inedible as fruit, and may only be used to make Olive Oil. This may seem to limit the amount of sale of product, but that disadvantage is substituted with the ability to produce larger quantities of Olive Oil and improving the shelf life of the product sold. The tree has unique characteristics, as it is adaptable to many locations and conditions to be planted in. Including long, hot and dry summers, whilst also being strong and persistent to frost and cold weather. However, to stay on the safe side, our company makes sure the environment in which we plant is moderate, not too hot or cold.

In conclusion, when looking for agricultural investment opportunities for our investors, we try to give the best options available in the market. A typical Olive project would not be recommended by our company, but Arbequina trees has provided an opportunity that we would like to be part of in the future of Olives in Turkey.

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