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Agricultural Investment In Turkey

Turkey has perfect soil and weather conditions for various agricultural activities. Thus, we focus on inviting investors to professionally managed and maintain open farmland investment. We help people from all over the world with our know-how to create optimal agricultural projects in different cities in Turkey. With our dedicated team’s assistance, investors can enter the world of highly profitable USD-indexed agricultural investment opportunities in Turkey.

Why Agricultural Investment?

Food is essential to all humans. Especially in times of crisis, food has to be readily available. Thus we present a game-changer model of investment, based on this principle. We are bridging between divided benefits for societies, investors, and our companies. We care about our world, and we see that the world needs more agricultural landscapes. We need more food than ever, but most importantly, we need a healthy source of nutrition. By investing with us, you achieve a whole different level of mutual benefit for society, mother earth, and income generation. Invest in walnut, almond, and olive agricultural lands for sale in Turkey with Aim Farmlands.

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Best Agricultural Company of 2022

It is with great gratitude we are announcing that AIM ltd. has received the award of “Best Agricultural Company of 2022” from the Developing Turkey Awards. We would like to thank our cherished investors for the incredible growth, support, and trust that they have given us over years. We are looking forward to establishing new relations and developing more incredible projects that bring benefits to the investors, and the local communities.

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About Us

Since the oldest times, agriculture has been the most profitable and reliable investment in the world. Almost all countries have their own agricultural development strategies. within the involment of the technology and science, today it is possible to create highly productive agricultural projects almost everywhere in the world.

AIM Farmlands was founded to asist local and international investors to have their own completely tailor made and highly profitable agricultural projects.

AIM Farmlands has created an innovative smart agricultural investment model with a structure of complete win-win system. Implementing flexible agricultural investment strategies to cultivate various kind of agricultural products in greenhouses and open farms with AIM’s professional management system.

The Secret of Success

Creating Long-term relation with all our investors and find solutions to varius kind of requests

agri farmlands sale Turkey

Land Selection

Soil quality, water quality and quantity, legal clearance and infrastructure are the main items to select the correct land.

Land Preparation

Cleaning the wild bushes and trees, leveling the lands, infrastructure connections, creating the water storage, initial fertiliseing must be done before the plantation of trees


Certified walnut, olive, almond, apple, lemon trees are selected according to the invostor's request and project location


At each harvest time we are collecting the products with daily workers and selling to the wholesale market at the best sale price possible.

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AIM Greenhouse

You may discover the features of investing in Strawberry, Banana greenhouses in Antalya, Turkey.

It is possible to produce higher quantities and the best quality products, during the entire year with greenhouse projects. Also, you do not need to wait many years to collect the first income. It is only 13 months after the plantation.